On February 12, Matt Weis impressed the Iowa Bacon Royalty Judging Panel when he laid down some greasy custom lyrics to a variety of rock hits. Not only can Matt sing...this guy can eat! As the 2018 Bacon Eating Champ, his highness is a double threat to anyone looking to dethrone him. OHHHHH, BACON!

Get to know Matt

Why did you deserve to become the 2019 Bacon King?

"I'm not sure any man "deserves" to be the Bacon King, but if I am to be judged worthy, this is why: First, I'm the defending champion in the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival's Bacon Eating Contest and have been buying pork bellies and curing my own bacon in my spare time. I have spent the last four years of my life on a high fat diet, which has led to me eating probably around 400 pounds of bacon during that stretch. My unrelenting consumption of bacon has led to me losing around 65 pounds and bringing my blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol levels back to the ideal range. I've also inspired the love of bacon in friends and family. When the game is on or the family is together, they know they can count on me to bring something that features bacon and is made with love."

What is your ideal bacon-eating experience?

"Any bacon related journey through the senses must begin with taste. Sometimes sweet, always salty, but what sets bacon apart is the Umami. Japanese for 'deliciousness', Umami is the savory characteristic that sets bacon apart from other, lesser foods. The intoxicating scent of bacon is due to something called the Maillard Reaction. The sugars react with the amino acids and the melting fats which produces the aromatic compounds.... oh my god, I have to slow down... ok, I'm back. As far as touch, it's all about personal preference. Do you want a thick bacon with more of a chew, or a regular bacon that has a delightful snap when you bite into it? Personally, I have room in my heart for both. The sights and sounds present in my ideal bacon eating experience include a table full of kids enjoying a few pounds of bacon, followed by eggs over easy fried in the bacon grease. There isn't a lot of conversation, but there is a lot of chewing and reaching for the next plate of bacon."

Now that you've won the Bacon King Contest, how will you spread "Bacon Fellowship" around Iowa and the world?

"Effectively spreading "Bacon Fellowship" comes down to just a few concepts. Passion, Authenticity and Relationships. I enjoy bacon in some capacity EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There will be no doubt that I am passionate and authentic in my love for all things bacon. Of course if I become the Bacon King, it will have to be commemorated in tattoo form. In my day job, I work in Learning & Development. Need a curriculum on bacon's journey from farm to table? I'm your man. Need someone to present that curriculum to an audience of 2 - 20,000? Again, I've got your back. I even have professional experience being a pig! (ok, I was the mascot for a BBQ place I worked at in college) I'm ready to represent all things bacon wherever I'm needed. Two of my favorite things are bacon and travel. The chance to combine the two would be an incredible opportunity. I've been around the world and can tell you that there is no bacon like American bacon. I want to share that with the world and build those relationships!"