In his Principal Charity Classic debut four years ago, Mark Calcavecchia fell in love with Iowa, it’s hospitable people, and most of all the BACON! Ever since, he’s been returning for a little golf and a lot of delicious bacon. In today’s round at the Principal Charity Classic, his love for Iowa’s most prized export is clearly on display through his sizzling golf attire.

As a bacon connoisseur and professional golfer, Mr. Calcavecchia quickly hit it off with Brooks Reynolds; native Iowan, avid golfer and co-founder of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. Calcavecchia explains, “When my caddy introduced me to Brooks, we hit it off right away. Then last year, I saw him sporting these stylish bacon-inspired golf pants. Of course, I asked if he had a pair in my size.” This was not the first inquiry Reynolds had received concerning his unique bacon-print golf pants born out of a collaboration with Loudmouth Golf. “After speaking with Mark, I called up my friends at Loudmouth and placed an order for 1,000 assorted pants and shorts for bacon-loving golfers everywhere,” stated Reynolds.

For those looking to sizzle on the golf course this summer, bacon pants and shorts are available exclusively at www.baconthreads.com, ranging in price from $70 to $125. A limited number are on hand beginning today until supplies last. Depending upon bacon-loving demand, an additional order may be placed with a 6-8 week waiting period.

When asked if he’s received many comments about his new golf pants, Calcavecchia jokingly responded, “Yes. And, NO! They are NOT scratch and sniff.”

About Bacon Threads

Bacon Threads is a golf attire brand born out of a collaboration between Loudmouth Golf and Brooks Reynolds, co-founder of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. The brand currently offers bacon-print golf pants and shorts for both men and women priced from $70 to $125. The items are currently available exclusively at www.baconthreads.com until supplies last.