Since the beginning of 21st century, on the Saturday before Labor Day, bacon-lovers from around the world have placed slices of cured and smoked pork belly into their skillets, ovens and over their automobile exhaust manifolds in observance of International Bacon Day. They eat bacon on its own and add it to their omelets, sandwiches, desserts and salads. Why? Because, bacon makes things better. And now, this September 5th, bacon-lovers will finally have the opportunity to make watching a movie better – with State of Bacon.

State of Bacon, the world’s first bacon-inspired mockumentary film documenting the infamous Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Iowa, will be made available on iTunes and Google Play. Written and directed by Jason Cook, the movie tells the kinda real but mostly fake tale of an oddball group of characters leading up to the cult-like celebration that is the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. Bacon-enthusiasts, Governor Branstad, Senator Grassley, a bacon queen, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, members of PETA, and an envoy of Icelanders are not excluded from this bacon party and during the course of the film become intertwined with the organizers of the festival to show that bacon diplomacy is not dead.

State of Bacon is unrated and intended for mature audiences and suggested for those 18 and over due to language and adult humor. To view the trailer, please “like” State of Bacon via Facebook, subscribe to the email list at www.stateofbacon.com, or follow @Stateofbacon on Twitter. To purchase or rent State of Bacon, go to iTunes or Google Play on September 5th.