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Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

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The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival (BRBF) is for those wise folks who know that bacon is more than just a breakfast food—it’s a lifestyle. Baconfest is an event created by devout bacon-lovers for bacon-lovers. Every year passionate people from all corners of the wide world flock to Baconfest in Des Moines, IA (the famous hog state) fixin’ to feast on tasty bacon delicacies, to get weird, and to have a grand ol’ time.

16th Annual Baconfest

May 4, 2024

iowa state fairgrounds – agricultural building
des moines, iowa
For the love of bacon

Our community

We take our community seriously. As serious as all get out. That’s why the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival has helped raise over $1,000,000 for local nonprofits through volunteering, giveaways, and donations. All this in the name of joy, community, and of course: OHHHH, BACON!

"Embrace the high-octane, energetic, gleefully excessive nature of bacon culture."
the daily iowan
"If you weren't at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, I think you personally missed out."
anderson cooper 360
"There's still a whole lot right in the world!"
queen latifah show
"The event offers something to make every swine lover to swoon."
wall street journal
"These days bacon is hardly just for breakfast."
steve harvey

Stay crispy!

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